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Buck The Trend

Oct 7, 2018

We're revisiting the NFLSU series as we discuss the former Les Miles and the new Ed Orgeron era. They've both sent tons of NFL starters to the draft but could Orgeron being performing at a higher rate? I also build a starting NFL defense out of Miles and Orgeron standouts.

Oct 2, 2018


Sorry. Any time I think about elite defensive line play, "Never Scared" by Bone Crusher comes on in my head. This week's episode focuses on the cream of the crop when it comes to defensive linemen, what makes the perfect defensive lineman, and how the position it has increased in...

Sep 9, 2018

LSU is one the best colleges of all time in terms of successful talent in the NFL. Keeping up that tradition is a coach who continues to excel in every challenge. Dan Essien covers LSU defensive coordinator Dave Aranda, his coaching journey, and the players he has that will take the NFL by storm. This is part 1 of our...

Sep 2, 2018

What's the most important position in football?.....It's quarterback. Not a trick question. The quarterback position is the only one that can dictate the direction of football as a whole. It's also the most fascinating in terms of how it's coached and the traits required to succeed. Mark Schofield joins Dan Essien...

Aug 25, 2018

Effective edge defenders have become one of the most sought after positions in football. Alan Schechter joins Dan Essien to discuss the history and trends of the edge position. We also discuss Khalil Mack and Dante Fowler and their odds of landing with the Jets.

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